Tragic Heroes

By Anurima Mukherjee
Every night, I lay here with your thoughts stacked in my mind,
Sitting at the corner of the bathroom, 
The scars on my wrists, 
The bruises on eyes by their fists;
The pain's never ending,
And the wounds keep slashing in.
It's miraculous. How you came into my life and changed it all,
And in a flash of moments, your presence flickered away -
The screams, the fights,
They are dagger to my heart and terrors to my mind,
When did you have to step out?
Leaving me behind, at the rock bottom.
We were young and curious -
Adults in nature but kids by heart,
I still have that little bracelet you gave me,
When you went back, to dwell in Delhi.
The photographs and the polaroids ;
Our endless memories that now make me feel paranoid.
You changed me.
How I was earlier and now, here I am today.
Stronger enough to take the pain to face the truth,
I know it hurts,
But tell me something -
Haven't all human beings have been tragic heroes in life, at least once?
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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