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Harshpreet kaur 

A little girl, at the beginning of her teens always happy and always smiling, she was her mothers' happy pill and dad's pride. She used to sing her heart out, making everyone in the house aroused, was a little cocoon in this colossal world never knew what was her purpose, always there for her big brother and there with her friends, but a man, in the end, ruined it
The little girl was unaware about what right and wrong, she was always thinking everyone Is a god, she went on an adventure without anyone, making sure her mom was right about her, that she was a born fighter. She went into a shop with all her favourites she said
'sir can I have a bag of chocolates'
The man at the shop gave her everything that she needed. She was happy and was excited. Then again, a man came, with a big body covering her small soul, the man pushed her away and touched her in a way that she never felt before, she felt terrible and sad she shook his hand and gave the money. She tried to understand what had happened; she was crying her way home. Her concerned mother asked what happened, she was numb and couldn't speak a word, her dad was furious and so was her brother but they couldn’t do anything because the question will be only put for the girl
But that man slept in a peaceful bubble. The girl that day became a butterfly because now she knows what the world is actually like
Now she will never be the girl her parents and brother knew, now she’ll just be a girl in this world fearing if she’ll reach home on time and what if something happens the only question, she will hear will be
What will the people say?


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