To The Sweet Queen of The Sour Kingdom

Krithik Babu

Gazing the 'wild blue yonder'
Oh my mind went to ponder.

Pacing and placing my mind between the heaven and nether.
Solemn thoughts and swollen memories, which i lost in the ether,

came back to me like a million of roses in a mether.
Sitting there i saw dropping of heaven's rainbow stairs.

Sliding the rainbow you entered the picture.
And my mind went on going in cincture.

That glimpse of air gracing your hair
glared into my heart's deepest lairs.

That look from thy hazy brown eyes.
It took me from the land of fire to the ice.

My eyes locked in yours didn't realize
That the "blue and white" turned into "black and white".

Holding your hand, i walked of the day.
Candles in the air lighting our way.

Your love alike the ocean,
Beautiful but blue.

But in that ocean, i dove deeper.
And gaily i found a keeper.

Thy eyes are gazzy, thy touch is dazy.
Thee filled my heart with thousands of dasies.

Looking at the beauty god made
even my soul went to pray.

Praying this love to be sempiternal.
Praying to keep us away from the wicked world.

For you, the only 'sweet queen' of my 'sour kingdom'.


  • Damn!! It’s so touching and beautiful ❤️

  • Deeeppppppp bro <3

  • Omg this is sooo beautiful ♥️♥️♥️


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