To The Mistake I Love to Regret About

Esha Maken

Do You know how different you are

And, and how being different makes you beautiful!
Do you know that!

Let me tell you,
You are the kind
That people dream of being 
When they dream of being perfect 
You are the reverie of the brains! 

You are the blessing someone 
Gives me, each time I sneeze 
When my heart skips a beat
You are that pulse which keeps 
My heart alive! 

You! You are all the perfect words
I need to write my most beautiful poetry
You! Darling, you are the moon to 
My darkest night! 
Do you know that! 

You, you are the subtle water 
That can bloom any flower 
You are the sunshine to my heat 
You! You are randomness to my specifics 

You are just that little drop of my tear 
That I don't let fall down 
But wipe off from my own index finger 
You are the unusual among all the cliches! 

You are the allurement that can
Leave anyone pondering about! 
You are the elegance 
With the perfect poise

You can give goosebumps simply by 
Being the wild you
You can make people think
Simply by smiling while you look at them
And You can create wonders 
Simply by being you!

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