To My New Lover

Lavanya Rana

To my new lover
Be gentle with me 
I'm delicate 
Not like porcelain, no 
I'm not that brittle 
But rather like a freshly broken limb
Even the gentlest of jerks create agony 
Be caring with me 
I'm a very careless girl
I lose things everyday and lose myself several times a week
I don't want to be lost anymore 
Be affectionate with me 
I don't know how to tell you this except bluntly, 
but I'm very needy 
I need more affection 
I need it all the time
And I need to be touched in the simplest, most innocent ways 
Hold my hand
Stroke my hair 
Kiss my cheek 
Be affectionate with me 
With me and at me 
Sometimes I'm just so funny, with my stupid puns and that's what she said jokes 
"oh this cucumber is very hard"
"that's what she said" 
So laugh with me 
Sometimes I'm absolutely ridiculous and Clumsy 
I step on my hair
I slip while putting on my pants 
I get soaked while drinking water 
Laugh at me then 
And I'll laugh with you
To my new lover 
Love me
And I'll love you 

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  • ‘Even the gentlest of jerks create agony’ … The puns have added a life to your work. Beautifully phrased Lavanya !


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