To Make You Forgive Me


By Pooja Elangbam


The moment I said it,I wanted to take it back

But words take up a life of its own

It hung heavy in the air between us,

Poisoning everything in its path.

How easy it was to wound, to hurt,

a few unkind words, mixed with malice,

for all the years you kept telling me

what was good for me, who wasn't good for me

And for your concern which I tend to see

as a judgement on my choices, on my life

So I lashed back with the only

weapon I had, but I see how childish that

was of me, because really, I do love you very much

And I am older now, not a sixteen year old

rebel-without-a-cause, and you are older too

And I should have been more considerate,

Instead I had caused you pain

 By then you had retreated,

And I didn't know how to draw you out

And the day dragged on with this pointless

 hurting, with our swollen hearts painful to bear.

 So here I am, writing you a poem,

 my head bent in repentance,

 asking what I could do

to make you forgive me?

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Sincerest Apologies' 

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