To Her, With Love

Tanvi Nishchal

Love is a riddle,peculiar are its ways
Once hit by cupid's arrows,you'll never be the same again
His heart sings her name,she echoes in all his prayers
She is in the mountains,the skies,restless in the  drizzle
She is the  untouched reflection,undeceived by time
He's been shredded before like dried leaves
Looted house,abandoned by many
Her kohl eyes erase every speck of his past despondency.
He feels redeemed
Two worlds melt in her arms,embracing divinity
She is the very existence for him
Lonelinessg doesn't seem lonely anymore
Her thoughts keep  him company
She is  the  voice in these broken verses
The world's been real cruel to him
She made a poet out of  him.


  • hey Riya,i did check out your blog,i even left a comment

  • I wish I were this “she” to someone! Please check out my blog it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh

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