To Cure a Heartbreak

Ria Chakraborty

On sleepless midnights, she carves his name into the bedpost
a silhouette slithers amidst her mind like a troublesome ghost.

Concealing heartache underneath layers of metaphors, 
she wonders whether love is synonymous with a curse.
Traces of the past litter the edges of her pillowcases; 
the face of her heartbreaker lurks in her nightmares.

Whilst attempting to rinse the marks etched on her ink-stained skin,
the tattoos from the bygone era are deemed a perpetual sin.

In worn-out shoes and letters penciled in cursive, she searches of a reason
for the love which faded into oblivion in the previous season.
Scrawling poetry into the yellowed pages of her journal, 
she battles with the grief which seems eternal.

The milk-hued paper becomes the only one who understands
as the pen pours heartfelt words on it from her trembling hands.

When the pavement is coated with crimson leaves from leafless trees, 
she begins to shed the heartbreak from her soul, delving into the depth of seas.
After she discovered that healing lay within the fluttering pages of prose, 
a rebirth occurred and from the shards of a shattered heart, a strong woman arose.

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