Shreya Barsaiya

You see me touch me,
Your eyes following the sweat drop on me.
Are you innocent to just follow the salty water beat,
Or it is your eyes that are making the move on me.

The drop feels like your fingertips,
Slowly moving from my neck and just going down and down on me.
There are no barriers of emotions between you and me,
not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

Your fingertips slowly moving through the cleavage tempting me,
Firing me up with your body heat,
“Why are you so hot?”
I ask that question with multiple meanings.
You shut me up and kiss me,
Your hands rushing all the places I knew you would touch me.

Your kiss is explosion to my emotions,
All the waiting for the first kiss is now locked between our lips.

I can see in your eyes how much you want me,
You know the more you tease me is the longer you get me.

Are these intimate moments a beginning or the end of something?
Ending of the thirst that had been building since the beginning.

Undressing has never been so relieving,
Feels like easing myself from a second trapped skin.
The way you help me with my skin shedding,
Nothing has been more comforting to stand naked in my own skin.

My hands are afraid to crawl down,
You grab me through my waist and the hands have no roles to play around.

Upside down, boy when you go down,
I know I breathe a confession of love for you right now.

There is no air between our bare bodies,
Almost breathing each other’s breath-full bodies.
Feeling of pain and pleasure,
Settling the passion of love and desire.

You stroke me, stroke me up and down, I never thought I would be that high and loud in the love making, oh good lord!
Our eyes meet in between sometime and back to the sweat rushing down the bare skin of mine.

You and me gasp at the same time,
Orgasms are easy with the right man beside.

Out of breath you hand me a cigarette looking in my eyes,
Placing a kiss on my forehead,
You establish the truth of tonight.

My sun decides to rise,
Yours to set,
Between timezones we reach our orgasms on our phone’s display,
Video calls to rescue we can say.


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