Time to mend


In the noon
While waiting for the one,
Under the fiercely sunshine
Running out of time,
Compelling you to yell
Oh!why don't you pick up the cell?
With every passing moment
Impatience getting elevated,
Which let your nerves straining
Leaving you complaining ,
You are the reason
Behind my every fuming.

Oh my friend!why to anguish
On ones trivial things,
Why to drain
Your energy in vain,
From "i don't want to talk you "
To" you don't know who I am"
You let it deepen into your regime.

Now is the time to fight
With the accustomed to the right,
It's time to alter
From being puppet to master,
It's time to prefer
"I will be always there"
Over "i don't care",
Yes, it is the time
So,what do you decide?

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