Thriving Urges


“Oh! I can't take it. Another bad-muscular-rich-arrogant man, another masochistic story.”
I shut the erotica #23. I tasted the blood of erotica when I started reading fifty shades of grey. I mean obviously who hasn't? My passion for sensual content flickers when I peek-a-booed kissing scenes in movies or songs when I was young. The denial or awkward glances from mom-dad after some steamy chemistry between actors-actresses made me curious to know more. But so far, as an adult I have read stories that only show BDSM/Threesomes/Role Plays or Unrealistic Kinks..
The story always starts with the muscular physique, egoistic, mind-blasting billionaire with a haunted past and clashing identity crisis who meets a very sweet, innocent, patient and gullible girl. Their first meet has to start with some impossible fights and lots of physical attraction. Then, Mr. Rich-Spoiled men will introduce Ms. Sweet-Subdued girl to his dominance and masochistic kinks. Spanking, bonding, rules, role-plays, obedience and lots of crap to make her feel dependent on him follows. Meanwhile, his past comes haunting and Ms. I-am-gonna-fix him takes upon herself to see goodness in him no matter how many sleepless crying nights and respect less abusive fights she gets.
Her own self-peace gets devastated but she is more determined to be his therapist and making excuses for his mad sense behavior.
I mean ‘Seriously? Does a woman have to degrade herself to make a man for her out of some brooding grumpy bad ass?
“I am done with such sexist approaches to erotica fiction. I am gonna write my own”
I opened my Diary, took my pen and started doodling. I doodled until I got my dream man right in my head.

May 24th, 2018
A budding journalist and a social influence, Ahana has gained success in only 24 years of her life. Brunette, fair skinned, curvy woman with big dreams, lives with her flatmate Raynakshi Murti Subramanium in Mumbai. When you have an emerging career and an awesome life, you wouldn’t need anything more. Her day starts with coffee and ends with vibrators. Since her last break up, she decided to stay put on dildos and clitoris stimulators instead of real dick that comes with heartbreaks and shared nights. Like any other day, she started writing an article for a magazine when her phone buzzed and the screen flashed Ray

‘Ray, Can I call you back? I am in the middle of something.”
‘No, listen I called for a reason. I had to go back to Chennai for a couple of days. Have to grab some certificates and documents for the job I'm trying to apply for. Will be back by your birthday. Sounds cool?’
‘Not until you bring my birthday present. You know what I mean right? Take care, and ping me when you ll reach’
‘Sure, B.T.W. there is this new hawt-ie in the neighborhood. Don't put your claws on him until I’m back. Gonna miss you. Bye babe’
She hung up and began with her article. After reaching home, she couldn’t control herself. She craved for Ray. Her presence, her fragrance, her lips, her sweet breath, her long fingers, her mouth on hers. Any rabbit stimulator or vibrator cannot compete with the softness yet wildness of her lips. As she tried to imagine Ray’s skin on her, she grabbed a pillow and placed it above her belly. Fantasizing her in sexy black lingerie, she tried to undress herself. She could feel Ray’s left hand on her nipple, rubbing and making slow circles. Ray’s right hand palms her hair gently. As she kisses her, her moan escapes. Ahh! Her breasts are rubbing against hers. Trailing kisses all over her body, Ahana took her left hand on her breasts imitating Ray’s assault on her nipples. Her right hand slowly went down to her clitoris. Fingers tracing pubic hairs and she started making slow circles with rhythm. She wanted it slow. She wanted it sweet. Her speed increased. She moved her butt along her movements of fingers. She could feel the tension building in her stomach. She wanted to explode. She wanted to go crazy as she came. Her breathing speed got faster. She moans loudly. She cannot wait more. She needs this. So desperately. Her thighs began to tremble. Her sweet spot was unleashed like an animal. She is there. Almost there. She called her name as she came wildly. Her sweet juice scattered all over her legs. She took a deep breath and wiped herself and switched the lights off.

As she was about to sleep. She heard a knock on the door.

She looked up at the clock which showed 10:56 p.m. She wondered who might be at the door.
‘Hi! I am Ishan. I heard your scream. Is everything okay?’
She felt embarrassed ‘No, it's fine. Everything’s fine. I just saw a lizard in the corner.’
So lame Ahana, Lizard? Seriously?
‘Sorry i don't think we have met before. Are you new here?’
‘Yeah, I shifted in the afternoon.’
‘Oh! Okay
Hmm not-so-muscular, nerdy guy, with cute beanie on head, looks nice. Should I invite him in? He doesn’t seem dangerous. Or what if he is a psychopath serial killer? Nah! I'll take my chances.
‘Wanna come in? Have a little coffee or something?
‘Yeah sure’
‘So what is the source of your roti, kapada aur makaan?
‘Huh? I.. what?’
‘I meant what do you do for a living?’
‘Oh! Well, I’m a travel blogger.I travel here and there, shoot the glories of nature and come back home alone to dark.’
‘Sounds fun. At Least not a 9-5 desk job where only your eyes can travel that too from left to right on screen’
They both laughed. Ishan went to the kitchen and helped her make coffee.They spent the whole night talking and laughing over their building issues.
His next door 24*7 help services, his calmness and patience solved her every anger instinct. He was the man she would talk to anything at any time. Bit by bit she let her go to the new world he was setting for both of them, a world where nothing is complicated, where every feeling made sense, where there was no drama or cheating issues but honesty and respect. Even when she would come home in a drunken state, he would caress her, he would take care of her and bring her lemon water first thing in the morning.
Ahana thought she found her male friend or maybe more. She doesn’t want to mess this up. So she waited and let it go with flow. Ishan was sweet, caring, a true gentleman who cared for her.
Weeks passed by and their friendship grew strong. They would go to stand ups together,watched every series together, even grocery shopping became fun for them. Eating maize (bhutta) at marine drive every time it rains, was their thing now. Ahana couldn’t believe that she could develop feelings again for a guy. She would still masturbate but now with Ishan’s name. She knew that his dick won’t betray her. She was getting spoiled. He was spoiling her not with money or fame but his love and care. She wanted to move one step ahead. She wanted to explore new boundaries with him. She knew she was being loved and pampered.

One day, Ishan asked Ahana for a weekend trip. She knew those 2 days were going to be the best days of her life. Because she's gonna have a real dick inside her after so long. She hoped his flesh would be long enough to bear the fruits of her patience.
After reaching the hotel, she decided to take the first step knowing Ishan’s shyness. She left the room to take a shower and intentionally left bathroom’s door open. She asked for a towel and barged him in when he came to give her one. Her body was dripping and was steamingly hot and fresh from the shower. He hissed on his breath as he saw her naked.
‘You’re so beautiful.’ His eyes explored every curve of her body as he has seen any goddess.
‘Come closer and I’ll show you my real beauty.’
‘I think we should wait Ahana. I don't want you to think that I brought you here just to have sex. Um, although it would be my pleasure if….you know….wanna do this…I mean…... not that I don't want you. I do..ahem...i don't want you to feel pressured. Okay?
Ahana laughed at his stuttering. She knew why she was falling more for him. She knew he wanted her for more than her body. She knew she was being respected. For the very first time, she wanted to feel a dick more than she ever thought. She wanted to claim him. All of him. She wanted to feel his flesh inside her mouth. She wanted to taste his sweet treasure. She wanted to be his.
She grabbed his face and kissed him vigorously. She could feel his tongue swirling over hers, teasing hers, gently caressing hers. He lifted her and placed her ankles over his waist and took her out of the bathroom and laid her on the bed. She unbuttoned his shirt and threw it over his head. She then intensively grabbed his belt and unhooked it. His fly came out as the standing pillar, hard and ready for her. She couldn't wait and grabbed her fly in her hand and started rubbing up and down slowly. Her eyes were set flamingly hot on his. He groans at her as she picks up speed. She pulled her dampened hair on one side and leaned on to his. She takes him in by surprise, licks his tip, swallows him inside and moves her head up and down like the delicious meat she ever tasted. She placed her eyes on him as she saw love mixed with lust. He was on his edge but he didn't want to finish without giving her the satisfaction she wanted. She clutched her head and pulled it to his lips and kissed her passionately. She pushed her on the mattress. He saw the hunger in her eyes astonishingly hot which can easily burn his entire body into ashes.
He kissed every inch of her body. She felt shivers in her body when he kissed her neck.
‘So smooth’ she utters.
‘Do you like it?’
‘Hmm’ she moans in his ears.
He went down to her most fascinating curves and grabbed them both with his mouth and his hand. He teased her gently by making circles and licking her nipples. He toyed with them until they grew hard and erect. He took another stair and went down to her navel. His tongue all over her belly. Kissing every part of it. He slid his hand from her toes to her inner thighs as she tried them shut.
‘Please Ishan, I want you. Now. Please. Ahh!’
‘I know baby, just seeing if you’re ready.’
‘You’re so wet for me baby!’ He explored her clitoris as he worshiped every inch of her.
‘I’m going to be inside you. Now. Stop me when you feel it's too much. The last thing I want is to hurt you.’
‘I love you Ahana’
Her eyes met his and her heartbeat got faster. She can see him. Right through his eyes. She knows he is not lying. He loved her and she loved her too. This is getting way too passionate.
‘I love you too Ishan’
He slid his two fingers inside her.He tears the foil and puts the condom on.
He placed his dick inside her soft skin and slowly pushed himself in.
‘You feel so good baby! I can stay inside you forever.’
He thrusts him inside slowly and gently taking in mind not to hurt her.
‘Harder! Ishaan. Harder please. I want...ohh fuck….harder and faster. Now!’
As she screamed his name, he got lost in her. He wanted to give eternity to her. He will do anything just to hear his name from her delicious sweet mouth. He paced up and reached almost to her stomach. His thrusts were long and powerful.He was so big and thick.
She could feel her climax piling up. She never felt this kind of orgasm ever. She needed it from him. Her legs began to tense up and her eyes began to close. She was close.
‘Yes, baby give it to me. I’m waiting for your sweet pleasure. Come with me. Come for me. Now.
They both started painting and sweating.
‘Oh my godddd! Ishaan! I'm there….fuuuuuck!....aah Ishan!’
As they both convulsed in synchronization, Ahana fell on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat,. so fast yet so soothing. Their aftershock came so wildly. He took a towel and cleaned her. He wiped his cum on her thighs and then cleaned himself. He pulled the blanket over her and spooned her. He kissed her cheeks, tucked her hair behind her ears and cuddled her the whole night.
‘Did you like it?’ Ishan whispered in her ears..
‘It was the best sex of my life. I love you’
‘I love you too’

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