Ashika Ank

I was sitting under the tree in the broad moonlight. The clouds were making different possible figures and were lovely. While I was certainly enjoying the musical rhythm of nature, that I only can hear, I heard the footsteps of someone approaching.

"Come, let's go. You've been asked," Rodolfo beckoned me.

Without my answer or a question, he started walking away as if I must follow him. So I got up.

"Wait, do you hear that?" I stopped him.

"No. I hear nothing. What is it?" He asked me impatiently.

"Listen carefully for one more time, " I told him as I scratch my foot against the tree behind me.

-"Yea I totally can. Your feet might get sore if you continue to do it for a few more minutes."

"How can this old man see clearly?" I thought to myself.

-"I may not see clearly but I can hear everything and I'm not an old man. I am your uncle, remember that."

"Yea, whatever. I'm so sleepy. I need to slip away from here, " I thought to myself.

-"You can't. You must come."

"What? Is he in my head or something."

- "No, as you can see I am right in front of you and not in your head."

"Jeez, I forgot that he can read my fuckin mind," Again a thought.

-"Aww, now you remember."

"Stop reading my mind. It's annoying," I said with an elevated voice.

-"Hahaha it's fun to tease you and you know that. Now don't waste my time and keep your butt moving."

"Where to? I don't wanna go," I ask him as I dragged my feet beside him.

-"It's your father. He has something to talk to you about."

I stopped and turned to his side holding his arm and said, "Why now? He won't summon me unless its something I did for. But I haven't done anything recently."

-"True. But he wants to talk to you about something important. He..."

Before he could finish his sentence a dark figure jumped over him and attacked him and a two more surrounded us, the werewolves our sworn enemies.

At first, I tried to defend us but I got furious and killed that werewolf and the other two ran away. Protecting someone dear to us and older than us is a prouder moment.

Yes, I am a vampire and I'm so powerful.


Suddenly I started rolling and rolling and rolling on the ground and suddenly there was a thud sound as I fell on the floor to the side of my bed.

I got up with an "ouch."

"Argh, damn it, why do all these dreams stomp on me in every possible way? This happens all the time. These dreams are the only place I can be whatever I wished for and I always wanted to be a vampire. I turn every weakness of mine into strength."

With this thought, I freshened up myself and went downstairs and had breakfast with my mother, Ellen Greyback.

I left to the school, Town Valley High school, where I was a senior getting ready to be graduated the next month.

I wanted to graduate without any complications. After all, I was a nerd with glasses and with only two friends.

I had a never-ending crush on this girl, who was red as a rose, classy, our prom queen Lenna Morgan. But she had a boyfriend whom she apparently wanted to break up with.

I tutored her for some time and that's when she found out Tim, her boyfriend cheated on her. How? Coz I was the one who asked her to wait for a while after school and she saw Tim taking someone else in his car.

But for some reason, she's still with him. Our eyes meet every time while we cross each other's paths across the school hallway. And today while I was checking my locker Tim walked towards me and started hitting without giving a reason.

I'm frail when it comes to fighting and I can't help myself. Before I could even realise I was on the ground with my hands against my tummy groaning. My glasses were broken a little and I tried to get up but couldn't.

No one came to help as everyone feared Tim. Can't blame them. Even I was. I understood it's because of Lenna. I tried a little hard and got up at last and I was called to the principal's office. Tim was already in there with wounds and that was a surprise. I was happy inside though.

But guess what he was the son of the principal and I was the one to be punished. I didn't even get a chance to explain myself. I was dismissed to go home for something I didn't do and he knew I was not the one to be blamed. Tim gave me a fuck off look.

I started going home. My other friends Patrick and Jonathan joined me. I didn't ask them why they were coming with me but I smiled at them.

I love the delicacy of her lips and her skin is like honey, sweet and fragrant. Yes, you guessed right that we both kissed. Love is the melody that's in the air and is sweetly played in the tune with perfect harmony.

We kissed on the prom night and it's not forgettable. Aww, God, these thoughts make me want her more. I'm waiting for the right moment. While we three were walking down the street talking and laughing we saw the bullies of our school, Tim's puppies.

We started running away. We were trying to hide and we went into a pelts shop which was a little weird. It was long and wide and our eyes fell upon some skins which looked like wolves. Jon wanted to take them but I told him that would be a bad idea. But they both insisted and so we did take them and left the shop.

Those thugs weren't following us anymore. We three left to our homes. Ten more days to my birthday and I was eagerly waiting for that day but I didn't know why. At night I was feeling weird and I couldn't quite figure it out what it was. Its was raining outside but still, I felt hot. I was sweating all over.

I was losing my skin. Anger and agony gushing out of my body. But why? I didn't have an answer. Within a minute or so I felt very quiet. I fell asleep. It happened for the next following two days. I couldn't keep it up anymore and anger took over me. I jumped out of my window and started running into the woods.

I didn't stop until I reached a den where I started hearing some voices. It looked like a conference and I was standing in the middle of those people. I looked around and didn't think they were humans at all and they were all already staring at me.

I didn't realise until then that I wasn't myself. Before I could collect myself a few of them started a howl and I followed that. I had become a werewolf. What? How's that possible? Before I further question myself one of them started telling me that they were waiting for me and I came to them at the right moment.

Three of them stayed and the rest left. Vampires and werewolves together? What the hell's happening in the world. Alpha started telling me that they needed my help. Me? Whom they were talking to? I looked behind and there was no one. I tried to change myself but couldn't do it.

They said not to struggle because I was a werewolf. No, no, no it couldn't be happening. They tried to explain but my brain was in a distorted state and I started running away. They didn't follow me. I stood in the middle of the forest wondering what's happening.

There was a rustling sound of footsteps on the floor of the forest and I panicked a bit. It seemed like another werewolf who came closer to me and was circling me and I stood there without uttering a word.

"Who are you?" She asked. I can say it's she coz of the voice. She was asking me questions without letting me answer. Or should I ask "Are you the hulk?"

"Hulk?" What's she talking about?

"Just like the hulk, I wanna love you in bulk," she said in an imitating voice. I left a note in Lenna's locker and I never knew she read it. Felt a little awkward.

"Lenna? Is that you? How did you..? What happened to me?" I needed answers about me first. She told me that she was a werewolf too. You and your mother too, she added. My mother? She never mentioned about it. No one knew about my father, that I know. Alright, what should I do now? These thoughts were killing me inside.

After seeing her I decided to go back to the den and asked her to come with me. She denied going back with me as she had some work to finish. So we took leave from each other and I reached the den as fast as I could.

To my surprise, they were still there like they anticipated I would return. I told them, " No more surprises and I need to know everything. But first, is everyone in this town a werewolf?" Asking this I laughed a bit but they were serious with their expression. Awkward.

"Listen, child. This is not a game, not your dream. We are building an army and we are gathering every one of vampires and werewolves we possibly could. You're cursed by a witch when you were born to avenge your father, who denied to marry her. Until the day of your 17th birthday, you were not supposed to know who you are. But you picked up a pelt of a werewolf's which turned you into one. That witch's gathering many filthy creatures and we need to end its reign," someone seemed to be a vampire told me.

"But why did you both form an alliance. You were enemies," I asked them.

"True, but we don't have a choice. We lost our brothers because of that witch. We need to kill her," he replied.

"Alright, I really want to be helpful but I'm nobody. I don't know how to fight or what to do in this form. But... A quick question. Can I turn into a vampire?" Seeing their neutral faces I continued, "Maybe not. I am comfortable the way I am. Thank you for your time."

"No need to worry. Our members will help you and you'll be ready by the time of war."

"War? Ah, man I'm in trouble."

"Even if it's trouble you can't escape your fate. You must face it even with a coward face or a brave heart," that elder vampire told me.

As there was nothing I could do I relinquished.


I was getting ready for the war in every possible way I could for the past week. I learnt to transform into either form. At last, the day had arrived and it's my birthday.

Around 7 pm at night we all were standing on the battlegrounds of moor waiting to meet the fate that gonna change everyone and everything.

I was standing in the front line. There was no one as far as the eye could see. When I was feeling nervous the elderly vampire stood in front of everyone and started to say,

"We may not like each other or we do hate each other. But this is our territory. Our land. We lost some of us. We might die someday but not today. If we have to defeat that witch and her army our hands should be held together and back each other up. I am ready to die for any of you. Are you?"

Those words encouraged me and I joined everyone and said: "yes, I am."

We started sensing hordes of some disgusting creatures approaching us. The full moon headed over us. They outnumbered us. Even though we panicked a bit we didn't want to lose this fight. Especially I didn't want to.

The witch Meredith leading them stood in front of them. There were zombies, ghouls, goblins, elves and trolls. We started running towards them to finish them off once and for all.

Everyone was fighting intensely with those entities but some of ours lost their lives too. They were attacking us relentlessly. Some of us started fearing. I thought of killing the witch which might end this war and started looking for her but nowhere to be found. While I was searching for her a few of ours fled away and there was Lenna too. That sight broke my heart. "We are lost," I thought to myself. But I didn't wanna give up.

I kept looking and I found her in the woods. I was looking around and she jumped me from behind and stabbed me with a silver knife on my back. Though it hurt I struggled and tried to bang her head against the tree hard. After a few minutes, she died. I thought I saved everyone.

I left to the ground and to my surprise nothing happened. Everyone was still struggling and that's when the one's who fled away brought somethings with them. They threw some flesh towards those filthy beings ghouls ate them which made them vulnerable as it was a normal food in disguise.

Fireballs were thrown at zombies and other beings. Within a few minutes, every enemy died. When I reached our pack I started feeling weird. I transformed into my human form. When the clock struck 9, the exact time of my birth my two large fangs erupted. That means...that means... "I am a vampire too."

The elder vampire fell to the ground and about to draw his last breath. He called unto me and said that he was my father. He said because of the curse he didn't come to me. If he did he would have died earlier, saying this he died in my arms.

The day when I came to know who my father was I lost him. My wish was fulfilled as a vampire at the cost of my father's life. Then everyone told me that I was the supreme being because of my parents, one was a werewolf and another a vampire.

I am a hybrid and I'm the ultimate ruler of vampires and werewolves. I'm Athan Greyback.

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