Three Hundred and Sixty Six Chances

By  Paree Punnj
I watch the fireworks from my window,
Tightly clutching my brown diary,
All of its 365 pages filled with
The usual banter of my otherwise silent heart,
A couple of ink spills, tear smudges
And scribbles of anxiety.
I reluctantly set this diary down,
Contrarily feeling a slight relief of surviving last year,
I pick another brown diary of 366 pages,
Each being a crisp and untouched white leaf.
I almost didn't want to taint them
With the cloudy disposition of my little heart.
Last year, this time, I was standing
Next to someone who didn't bother
To hold my hand while watching
The dance of the lights in the sky.
This year, I write my first resolution,
"The fireworks shine brighter without
Someone blocking the view.
Resolution 1 - appreciate and embrace
the beauty of being alone."
My first day back at work,
I realised that a new year
Does not mean a new boss.
The camera that was collecting dust
In the corner of my messy wardrobe
Smiled, as I write my second resolution,
"The only thing that feed your soul is your dreams.
Resolution 2 - make room for the things
That lighten up your spirit from within."
When I watched this world
Try to justify violence, competing about
Who is better at playing the blame game,
While those who suffer are often more educated.
I remembered all those times I stayed quiet.
I picked my diary and scrawled with a fury
Resolution 3 - Stand up for what you believe,
Speak louder and louder till they hear you."
And just like that, I already know
That this new brown diary, like this year,
Will be my guiding star on a journey of
finding myself and also, who I want to be.
Three hundred and sixty six chances
Of pure and unadulterated self evolution.
~Paree Punnj


  • Woah! This is so beautifully penned! Completely loved it! ♡

  • You’ve got a way with words darling. Your words are wise beyond your years. Proud of you♥️

  • Thank you so much everyone for such heartwarming comments. Truly blessed to have this kind of support ❤️

    Paree Punnj
  • Dear Paree, how fast you have learned and expressed the reality…’s amazing. God bless you.

    Anuradha Sharma
  • Beautifully expressed, very creative poem and excellent job.proud of you.

    Rajesh Kumar
  • Indeed a proud feeling to have read this! Highly enriching piece 💙❣️💙

    Samyak Singh
  • This is amazing Paree!! Way to go young lady. Keep writing, looking for more.

    Agnes Biswas
  • wow this is purely beautiful! Kudos!

  • Artistically put out and very well emphasized each line, so beautiful! ❣️

  • Way to go Pari proud of you very well written,
    God bless you

    Anshu Punj Tandon
  • Excellent job. Reminds me of a dialogue, " Dying is the easy part. The dead are at peace. The real heroes are the ones who have to keep going". So, keep going…. No matter what :)

    Pavan Khanderoy
  • Loved how emotions were beautifully captured in the words .

  • Beautifully written and captures the essence of your innermost feelings :)

    Nikhil Bharadwaj
  • Best way to express beautiful ❤️

    Anshu Punj
  • Love this poem , I feel the lines ❤️❤️

  • Another feather in your cap.Good expression,nicely written.

    Mohit Tandon
  • Wowwwwwwwwwww amazing…….!!!!!!
    I really enlighten with this fire work

  • Enjoyed….wonderful expressions….

  • Wonderful poem proud of you pari😘🤗

  • Beautiful 😄

    Kshiti Jhala
  • Wonderful poem paree! Very proud of you, keep up the good work.

    Sunita Tewari
  • Well done Paree. Beautifully written ..very well expressed.keep it up.

    Meena trikha
  • Very very nice Paree. Way to go baby, if this is how purely you think.

  • Very very nice Paree. Way to go baby, if this is how purely you think.

  • Very nice Par.i.God bless u

    Ashish Berry
  • Beautifully composed and clearly articulated. Way to go..

    Amarjit Sandhu
  • Excellent! Lucid writing, profound thoughts…..A very promising poet!

    Anita Mishra
  • Very nice beta

    Ashish Punj
  • Superb, beautifully written.

  • So beautifully written ❤❤

  • Really love the way how the resolutions have been arrived it!! Amazing

  • this is so beautifully expressed, loved those resolutions!

  • Excellently written! ♥️

    Naman Asthana
  • Very nice and very creative poetry


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