Though Times

By Ananya Madan

It is really tough sometimes

But, the voice that says I have to live always wins.
What superpower do I have? 
People say... nothing special
It's my superpower that I'm alive,
After all this, I survive
Even though everyone hates me
I'll never let go off my myself,
The 'me' that is true to her soul.
I neither have hatred not grudges,
The words they say are hurtful
But, I'm courageous.
My superpower, you ask?
It's not a Miracle that I'm still on this earth.
It's my courage that I made my weakness my strength.
It's not a scar or my vulnerability,
It is the weapon I use to fight.
I was living yet dying, but,
Now I realize,
This is my superpower, the strength and courage that I win through even when unguarded.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'

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  • This gives so much strength. More power to you 💙

    Manasvi Dwivedi

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