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This is how I imagine you


In a dark room, just you and me
You pull me from behind, really close, slowly
Your breath I feel on my naked neck
And your hands on my covered breast, gentle and firm
Turn me around, push and pin me to the wall
The only time I desperately crave to be helpless
Body to body, chest to chest, lips to lips
Your heat melt me, wet me
Moving down,You clench my strap with your teeth, slowly pulling it down,
Leaving it plunging halfway,
You,a naughty teaser! 
You kiss my lips, chin, neck, then chest
Excited to discover the reality you long for
Your forefinger pulling my semi transparent laced bra slowly down
Unexploring my nipples, the only hard skin of my supple breast
Flicker it with your lips
Kiss it, lick it, suck it hard
As hard as i clench your hair
I loose control of myself as you go down smooching my belly button 
To the second lips of my body
which is jucier, plumper and more pink than the first
You kiss and flicker the gentle and sensitive secret that i must hide
But now it's no more a secret,my orgasm is your guide
You come back up, stare deep into my eyes
As deep as, in me, you want to penetrate
I stop you but you still want our souls to connect 
So Bold, so Fierce you are
Like an Infinity you do exist but
Shouldn't i stop myself like i stopped you? 
Because this ain't reality 
This is only how i imagine You. 


  • Thank you Deepti, your comment means a lot to me :)
    Thank you Paige, glad it did :)
    Thank you Bipasha, hope you liked it :)

  • Defining “bold and beautiful”!

    Bipasha Sen
  • Wow, this is really good. Your poem really melts my heart!!

    Paige Montey
  • This is one of the best erotic poems here!! Oh my god, wow!! I think your poem is my favorite! ❤❤


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