This Feeling that creates Magic

Debaleena Nag

The talking characters in my mind have you as the protagonist;
That huge field where you are running to meet me and hold my wrist!
The ground so lush and green,
That moment that made me feel like I am sixteen!
The long letters that I wait for,
Oh, What is in it that tickles through the bones and the heart to the core! 
The unusual music that plays in my mind all the time on its own;
I rewrite the lyrics and sing with a new tone.
The nights pass by glancing at the moon;
The stars glisten and tell stories of rains in June!
During the day, flowers gloom a little more;
Leaves from trees on the ground pour,
Giving a touch of romance in autumn,
Where you and I sit by the ocean,
And write the chapters that captures all our emotions.
Off days with you that are beautiful,
Off days with you that are lively,
Off days with you that are brighter,
Off days with you that are magical.

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