These Sunkissed River, These Infinite Mountains

By Aarush Deora
These sunkissed rivers, these infinite mountains 
these skies overhead bearing witness to eternity 
Those valleys written in songs 
Those birds dipped in moonlight 
Those mornings with nimble feet 
Those nights with unending sleet 
            What of them?
            Who themselves do not breathe 
            Yet with each breath we take 
            They too sigh in relief 
Are those landscapes a mere painting on the wall? 
Those towering trees only meant to fall? 
Those mornings just to be caged in coffee mugs? 
Those sultry nights to be put to sleep with drugs? 
When did protecting earth become a 5-year plan? 
Since when did nature become a weekend getaway? 
If the cities never sleep, 
(The factories keep churning out venom 
The skies deafened with our collective din
The rivers still screaming for breath 
The groundwater running for cover),
And our illimitable greed keeps
Scrounging for whatever glory it seeks
Soon then all cities must sleep 
All street solemn in their darkness
For no bird shall sing
And an impenetrable quite will descend 
As mother earth finally calls it quits 
                        On her rotten children 
                       and their little charade. 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Nice!

  • Excellent

  • Beautifully written

    Fathima Sanna
  • The transition from the present scenario to the future is beautiful written!

    Chandana Ravichand
  • Glaring expression of truth. Wonderfully written

  • Just amazing

    Srimoyee Roy
  • Beautifully penned.

    Tanya Jain

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