There for me

By Prachi Agrawal

And today,

I shall be with thee,

And that's how the last day of this year shall be.

The smiles, 

laughter’s and weird cries,

Shall be engraved as memories 

made under the clear skies. 


When nostalgia hits me

And my eye are full of tears,

You slowly crawl to reach me,

 and scream 'Cheers'. 

You make me believe it's not "just an end",

 And promise me moments in future-

together we shall spend.



Nostalgia hits me again. 

I am upset even after a bottle of champagne.

For this end reminds me of days,

When I was promised an "Always"

When they left me alone and broken,

With wounds and scars-as a token.


And you crawl to reach my ears,

And screamed "cheers".

The flashback comes to a hault,

Reality hits me with a jolt.


You let me enter the world of my imagination,

Where I fall, rise and reach my destination.

 Where I was daily served with Nutella and ice-creams,

It was a visit to world of my dreams. 


When I fall, you lend me your hand.

When I drown in the ocean, you become my island.

You let me fly high,

Encouraging me without a sigh. 


You remind me to never leave the land,

And opportunities are like hand full of sand.

Time and again I forget about all these days, 

Just because you didn't say an "Always".


Never did I acknowledge your selfless deeds,

You are a flower mistaken for worthless weeds. 

Today I shall make you smile,

Create memories and sit with you for a while. 


And I shall spend the first day of the year with thee,

I shall not promise to make your morning tea,

But I ensure, you will "always" have me,

I know, you won't say, but you are there for me.


  • This is Amazing Prachi .. Really !!

    Harshita Sachdeva
  • Woww.. nice and wonderful lines. Hope to see more from you. Please keep writing such poems.

    Sumit Agrawal
  • Prachi !!! This is marvellous, reading this felt like deep into the ocean, calm and relax !!! Thanks for sharing !!! With Love ALWAYS……………..

    Punit Agrawal
  • Amazing lines Miss Prachi….keep writing❤️❤️

  • Subtle yet resonating with strength. Very beautifully penned Prachi! Lines are powerful and liked the way you have used “cheers” to your advantage..lending such bright optimism to the poem. Kudos!!

  • Lovely ???

  • Very very impressive rhyme scheme
    when I drown in the ocean, you become my island this totally blew my heart away!
    Would love to read more!

    Akshita Pareek
  • Beautifully written! ?
    I promise you an Always too! ❤
    Keep writing, love!

  • eyes* are full of tears

    Prachi Agrawal

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