The Whammy!

Munira Husain

17th August 2015: 9.30 am

Like a new day is a new season
When our faith can sing;
Our prayer takes flight
Upon the strength of an eagle’s wings.
Today is a fresh start too
An exciting journey to begin;
But hardly you never know
How uncertainty knocks you in life.

Even a coward is courageous enough
But I don’t know about me
If this is how stupid and foolish I could be
Or if the life has given another nightmare
I woke up on the call of my father’s demise.
Expected only, him to be alive
Broken, fragile, competing and expecting.
In depths of his call
My first and last memories with him in past
How I wish, I wish to win him back.

Maybe I belonged to my fantasies now
The idea of being the master of my fate
For what it’s worth is quite a fancy
That you don’t agree.
Even though, it’s not easy,
Shifting with every coming event.
Maybe my dreams will do
Except, for now, I’m afraid to dream.
I’m afraid of dreaming the wrong dream
Having no odds to what it’s likely to be
Puzzles the puzzle of puzzling the puzzle.

Before my touch could lose its grip,
You were gone, forever gone.
Now is the times I have the idea;
You don’t truly belong.
No matter how many times I tried to talk
You just don’t belong, never belonged.

Since that you are gone,
I won’t let them know how it was.
It’s not that I hate you like every day
When the single thought of you tormented me
A memory, curse or as hell I descended
It left me wondering, how to ease my pain.
Now that you are gone
Like a game, it has changed;
The memories of you will fade.

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