The Wait

Sahitya Poonacha

You are a sunlit dream

Inside my heart

Lighting up its darkest parts

So why can’t I see?


I wait behind these curtains

Curtains and curtains

This world puts before me

I can’t see


What might be written

Is written,

Something I can’t change

But I want to feel


Is it wrong to be dreaming

Even when I’m wide awake?

Swooning over memories

We haven’t even made


Blushing when no one sees

Over imaginary things

In my mind,

I can’t hide


You might not be real

But you might be too

I sure would like it if you would be

Will you? Will you be?


I don’t hurt now, but I know I might

Might face disappointment

Alas, I fall prey

Both to faith and fate


Search for you in the streets

In the faces I see,

In anything and everything

I will wait...


Till all else fails, 

I shall wait

You will come,

 Ergo I wait. 


  • Really hits home with feelings that are all too familiar… beautifully done

    Sreejon Mazumdar
  • Very well thought out lines to capture essence of life and its interesting questions and aspirations. Keep writing more! This poem connects with different age groups in different and interesting ways. Many thanks.

  • Wonderful Sahitya!

  • Beautiful expressions. Really well-written.


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