The voice of a perturbed being

By Khyati Gupta

Sitting alone,
aloof, in fear;
with all around
enclosed a sphere.
A stream of thoughts
run through the mind;
with standing tall,
rigid walls everywhere
at the back of which-
are fretting and sulky,
dreams laid back,
which once to shine longed.
When to speak to,
no one is near;
'a flood of ardour
spills out'- oh dear!
In the times of havoc
when nothing is clear;
trickle down the cheeks-
few drops of tears.
THAT lack of force,
& no one to hear-
this on hearts-leaves a smear;
and a state of neurosis
causes the souls 
to shrink, and due to this -
perhaps, they shiver.


  • Hey ,hi I love the poem it is so complicated ?? ,it contains a nice sense of being alone!!Keep it up my friend!!??

  • The rhyming is so good, I wish you wrote it at one stretch though. Feelers of being with it for a few days is coming through here!

    Rahul Sivarajan
  • Your poem is tightly packed. Good work!


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