The Unusual Times Of Corona : Covid - One Nine, Nineteen

Covid - one nine, nineteen

as deadly as it is

has given me,


some time to live 

some more time to grasp

onto things,

I had started doing

as a teen,

but gave up on

as I grew older,




Covid - one nine, nineteen 

has made me

get in touch

with the books

I had abandoned

& the people

I had shunned;

I’ve been spending more time now

with my family

& most importantly

myself, merrily;


I’ve been writing more than ever,

& have also

started to learn

a new hobby,


which was once 

my biggest terror,


never had I imagined,

it would take me 

a pandemic, 

to rejuvenate

the person in me

& cherish life

more than I had ever



Covid - one nine, nineteen

I’ve learnt enough now

you may leave,

for my people are in danger

yet, we are together

& with this

a new found unity

in conjunction,

we weave. 

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