The unusual times of Corona

By Mohit Pandey
Haven't this corona pandemic,
Brought us all together,
I go for a run early morning,
In this cool weather,
You know to boost my immunity,
I am wearing a mask though,
Not the mask I wear to hide the real me,
This one's just to cover my nostrils,
To protect me from the mighty corona,
That offered us all a scary panaroma,
Of this world,
Of all of us,
Human kind as a whole,
Is God playing a joke ?
The smog has cleared now,
The trees are greener,
The streets are empty now,
Planet Earth is happier,
We are more connected now,
We are more caring,
Every problem seems smaller now,
When Corona have us all reeling,
Having heart to heart with friends and family everyday,
Shouldn't it be like this always ?
Social distancing is becoming prevalent day by day,
You are left alone with yourself without any say,
I keep running through the morning mist,
And talk to myself like I haven't had,
Since months or maybe in years,
About my likes and dislikes,
My joys and sorrows,
Being by myself feels so easy,
There couldn't be a better counsellor whose time I would borrow,
Isn't this what we should do everyday ?
Talk to ourselves and soothe ourselves,
After a long and overwhelming day ?
I keep running further,
And I come across this girl with beautiful eyes,
I slow myself down to run with her,
Her eyes become more gorgeous and wide,
I turn my head and give her a stare,
I am smiling inside my N95 respiratory mask,
Maybe she is smiling too,
I think about what she must be going through,
Maybe she is thinking about it too,
Hardship and tough times making us all come through,
Compassion oozing from our eyes,
I speed up and wink her a goodbye,
Condolences to all those who passed by,
But this corona seems like a blessing in disguise !!

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