The unusual times of corona

By Gautami Govindrajan


weeks from now

i will bottle this memory

to take away some of the sting

of pandemics and disaster

nostalgia will rain down

on our hair

like little flakes of snow

the wind will catch

some of the music

the happy man in the stall

two streets down played



i will sigh, wishing for

the simple joy of

hot rice in the biting cold

the relief of hard concrete

to sit on after

walking too long

and shared laughter

by girls having the

time of their lives

the anticipation of

what shall we do next

sweeter than the churros

you ate hours ago



maybe the photograph

of us in the mirror

will be vintage fare

in this busy market

perhaps women like us

will look at it and wonder

what made these three

smile so wide

warm as sunshine

in the midwinter

happiness frozen in pixels

for all of eternity to see


but someday is

days, years, eons

from now

where the sky is

bruising blue

where lights are dancing

with christmas music

i look at the girls i am

walking with

and today

is beautiful, magical


for me to forget my worries

about someday

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