The unusual times of corona

By Spatika Jayaram

Yesterday I went out to see the sun set, and

Didn’t realize it would be one of the rare ones yet,

The rays filtered through the dust filled air blowing

Desperately into the tangled strands of hair

Floating beside my face, and that was the last I saw of you,


Armor of the sun, where are you?

I pass by the uncle in the white dhoti on the bazaar,

With his basket of guavas, wrapped in newspaper,

Now the papers fly about, there is news everywhere,

Everyone has wisdom to share

but where did his ripe guavas,

garnished by wrinkled smiles go?

Are they hiding in his prayers,

Hoping for some money, but the only paper

He has is riddled with news, words too many?


Fame of 2020, where are you?

You made me stay by, hugging pillows and blankets,

and strong

Scented bottles of disinfectant, I feel the way

of the cockroach, the bug, every other I killed,

Do I thank you for teaching me patience,


Do I thank you for opening my eyes to the plight of

The hundreds of guava selling uncles around,

You’re the force that made the world see

Beyond their mortal selves,

Crossing the walls of the bubbles we’ve built around ourselves?

Do I thank you for bringing me closer to my

Guitar and my pen,

For pulling me back to where I am?

You brought a lot of us down to earth,

From the self-constructed pedestals we bought with each

Other’s money,

In this time, I finally befriended that shy girl who ate her

Snacks on the corner of the stairs,

you brought the world apart, you taught us regret


Traveler of the year,

You made the flowers bloom and burst vibrantly, behind the

Mocking figures of iron giants, that have finally gone to sleep.



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