The Unspoken Valentine


I had always seen it in his eyes
So must have he.
For only he understood me
I saw a friend in him
Love was never for me to fall in 
But ,to rise up.
Matching up to these vibes,
He was the only one.
There must have been the invisible limits
Never did he speak about that
Nor did I.
With a really heavy heart 
Now i bid him-good bye.
No, he was not just a good friend,
He was something more to me.
I don't know if he remembers or not,
He was the only one to set my ego free.
Never a lecture cassette,
But always a shoulder to lean on
He was the only one
I had complete trust upon
He still says-you are happy so what more do I want?
Awww, cho chweet I say,
 No cheesy dialogues any more.
He just texts me the smileys
Anything I could say before.
Was it just one sided,
Or involved are both?
With the unspoken and unconfessed love from my side,
I wish him a very Happy Valentines Day.


  • Awesome siddhi..

  • How sweet Elidi !! I never knew words could express feelings to this extent. Keep composing dearest… All the best

  • Beautifully written.?

    Shweta Mandora
  • Amazing words siddhi hope will read more from u

  • Awesome words for awesome feeling

  • Wow ? I think these are the words everyone’s searching for that one unsaid relation.. and you penned them so gracefully ?

  • #Unspoken_Feelings…
    Well composed…

    Wakif Raza
  • Loved it !!

    Mahesh Jaju
  • Loved it…?

    Mahesh Jaju
  • Very nice

    Joshi Rajendra
  • Awesome siddhi

  • Nice Siddhi!

  • Awesome poem.. The words that every heart speaks.. Case of each and every one.. Beautiful words compiled.. ???

    Sakshi Nere
  • Poignant poesy, well-written. Reminds one of the earlier times when love was expressed so subtly and with so much of hesitation. Finishes on a hopeful note. Beautifully inked Elidi!

  • Beautiful ❤️


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