The Unlikely Princess

Snigdha Harsha

Walls so high, no windows till the sky,

Mysterious aura surrounds that castle

Civilians wandered and wondered,

But all in vain, they couldn’t penetrate that manor.

There she sat, walking on the air

In her own cosmos, she just can’t seem to complain!

She was delighted; she was all in contentment,

She had all that she ever wanted.

She had something up on her sleeve

She won’t tell, wanted them to understand,

Scared to come out, scared to trust anyone,

Labyrinthine but without a decipherer

Aristocrats, noblemen, soldiers, even peasants

They came and gone, spring turn to autumn

Merriness turns to melancholy,

She became delusional, she couldn’t bear herself.

The walls which seemed so friendly,

Started shrinking

The fantasies which felt so reviving,

Were lifeless like a corpse

She wanted someone,

Human, animal, ghost, fairy, zombie

Who would break her walls

The one who will restore her trust

Now she still lay there lost in own imagination

Hoping that she’ll find someone

Who won’t need her hair to climb up the fortress,

Just pure intentions!

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