When you call me an Indian

By Mayank Pratap
I take myself as a blessed soul,
having travelled across billions of galaxies,
and making way through trillions of stars,
only to land and take up my human form on Earth,
as an Indian!
Being called Indian, is nothing but allowing the speaker to unleash a lot many emotions within my veins!
Emotions, which are democratic and yet so less talked about.
When you call me an Indian,
I silently take pride on my Indian parents who,
filled me with the most Indian vibe and blood.
I, as an Indian, am raised to shower respect and love!
When you call me an Indian,
Somewhere between the foul play of THE RIGHTS AND THE WRONGS,
I recite a prayer, read a Kalma, chant a Mantra,
or whisper a Dua.
And, I water my humanity,
not the tolerance.
When you call me an Indian,
I also kneel down in disgust,
for I, as an Indian man, am forcibly fed with stereotypes.
And I, wholeheartedly, am judged on the ones I refused to take down my throat.
When you call me an Indian,
My skinny chest gets puffed up with pride!
I am taught in morals and,
I learn through practicing.
I am a middle-class Indian.
I see how happiness is simpler and easier and,
experience how less is more!
When you call me an Indian,
Besides the pride, and blood and the disgust,
I love being called an Indian.
Among all the names I have ever been called,
beautiful, brave and Indian,
are my favourite adjectives of them all!
I am an Indian.
I might be caged at places,
Yet I spread my wings.
I might be made to shut my mouth,
Yet I shout out loud through my pen.
Loud enough to crown my name with "Indian".
And that's, the most beautiful Indian thing about me.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • Nice 👌👌 brother

  • Brilliant, Mayank!!

    Maseerah Ali
  • Outstanding. …….keep it up

  • Beautifully expressed! ❤

    Pragnya Paramita
  • Fabulous and true souful words mayank keep it up 😍🌈💖

    Renish george
  • I love being called an Indian ❤.
    Very Nicely written Mayank 😘❤😘.

    Ayush Chauhan
  • Great work and a very different take on the topic! Keep it up 🤗

    Ashi bansal
  • Loved your expression. Keep writing Dost

    Vaibhav Rikhari
  • Loved your expression. Keep writing Dost

    Vaibhav Rikhari
  • Great job brother!

    Vibhuti Haldhar
  • Fabulous!

    Twinkle Banik
  • 😍it’s amazing .. Proud of u❤❤as always

  • Loved it…..

    Alqma malik
  • Loved it…..

    Alqma malik
  • Beautifully written ❤️

    Mohd Zaid
  • Lovely!
    Well expressed…
    Proud of you 😍

    Aishwarya Rai
  • Amazing Writing n U Beautifully told about India… Keep it Up… 👍👍👍

    Mamta Sonowal
  • Beautiful, brave and Indian. Cheers!🍻
    You’re doing a great job!

    Manya Vaish
  • Awsm ….. Proud of you ….. God bless keep it up

    Twesha Tonk verma
  • You Amaze me lil boy…
    Loved it.. Keep it up… ❤️❤️

  • So proud of you!!😘🌸

    Hardik Gupta
  • I liked it..❤️

  • Love it! ❤

    Kanu Daksh
  • Beautiful 💗

    Mohammed xakii
  • 😊🧡⚪💚

  • Liked it……. ☺

  • Superrrrr prouddddd…loved it🥰💯

    Gauri Agarwal
  • Loved it! 🌸🌸

    Priyanka Basumatary
  • I liked it.

    Aditya Joshi
  • So proud of you bhai❤

    Pari singh
  • Proud proud ♥️

    Shreya Gupta
  • Mere Sher💜

  • Brilliantly written ♥️

    Saaraa Mohanty

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