The Ugly Eye

By Niharika Srivastava

She was a baby in his Palm but she never knew he could do her harm, 
What if she was a girl, Why it became the reason latent her blubber
She was a baby in his arm but has he possess the right to snatch all her charm, 
What if she herself choose her career, Why he stood in between as a barrier
She was a baby in his bosom but his so called concern trailed her dreams under the dusky chasm, 
What if she asked her own direction to sail, Why he duress her to stay under the veil
It is when she realised that she was a baby but only inside her womb as she is none another than a clay to be mould in his form, 

One day, She Went solace 
In dark, Shady and morbid space

Unaware of the fact that such spaces have philanders who were eagerly waiting for her to soak to the extent where her vision gets blur

She snivel as she calls him for rescue and kick their ass who hits her rash, 
She bleat as she calls him for shield and smash their wrist who fondle her breast, 
She whimper as she calls him for stave and rupture their legs who tangled her waist, 

But there was no echo, no sound came back to her ear that could save her from the affair 

It is when she realised that she was a baby who required the support of those man but the absence of them made her a woman, 

Why did she howled then if she herself could hassle with all these devil men, 

Yet, She could not change the truth that she was raped and nobody could imagine how much she ached, 

For all such who say, “Girls should not move alone at night”, She screams aloud, 
“It happened with me during the day” 

“How could she able to survive in sombre as no man can marry a victim like her?” 
“She should not come in front and remain inside as previously being hunt” 
“She must not go against the family rule even if her desires are treated cruel” 

To all those questions, She gave no reply and the only option she had was cry

And now her tears stopped flowing as already all the prejudices knowing, 

It is when she realised that she was not a baby for all such ugly eyes and she has to reincarnate vigorous, manumitted erudite who only knows how to rise


  • Thanks a lot

    Niharika Srivastava
  • “But there was no echo, no sound came back " Loved this. And your vocabulary is pretty impressive.

    Akanksha Chawla

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