Rajan V Kokkuri

The phone rang, my old dad came on another end

I could hear a few sounds but no words,

Mom said, Sorry son, dad is not able to talk,

My worries began,

A new job gave a chance to see him,

he spoke through his eyes,

his fingers patted me,

it didn’t last long, dad fell seriously sick,

got a chance to be with him day and night,

sleeping on a wooden cot, but sleep never came,

just longed for his togetherness.

the time came, I had to leave,

my mind says no.

Dad’s eyes called me, he reached to me caught my hand,

He has things to tell, but words were missing.

He forced me to leave, but my mind says no,

I could read his eyes, it may be the last time,

Can I see him again? The choice was tough but had to leave,

Dad just waited for me to be safe, then he closed his eyes forever.

Now I still live lonely and have no choice.

his instilled values stay with me.

He was proud of my triumph and stood with me even when I failed

for me, he was the greatest dad who lived on earth.

There is no choice but to live just in his memories.

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