The Song of a Restless mind

Wandering around restless, waiting for your mail 
Anticipation dead and face pale. 
Days go by, no word from you 
All worried, nothing I could do 
Starting the day, a herculean task 
To act happy, putting on a mask. 
Pushing towards the end, the day feels long, 
I wonder what went wrong.
Is it wrong, I ask myself 
we conversed only in words itself. 
Barely do I know you still, 
To call me a friend if you will. 
Me a man of solitude, socially ill 
You were a respite, fitting the bill. 
I enjoy your words, kept me running all along 
I wonder what went wrong.
What was different you may ask 
I felt inspired, invincible at last. 
I wrote poems, phrased lines beautifully 
And now that you are gone, I wander listlessly 
Your words were mighty, almost empowered 
They moved me, an emphatic coward 
I check now and then, the mail I long 
Only to fail ; I wonder what went wrong.

Hunger fades away, work seems dull 
As if a ship sailing without hull 
Thoughts no more flow like they did, 
Life closed again, boxed with a lid; suffocating 
Listlessly I do my chores, feeling worry 
My mind all messed up, in a hurry. 
No messages I see, my wait prolong 
I wonder what went wrong.
You answer to my avail 
I ask the reasons , why did you fail 
A petty reason, you say 
Job was tough, so was your day 
I breath a sigh, of fear than relief ; am I so vile? 
Kicking myself, feeling too juvenile. 
Exchanges go on until you stop 
And again I hop 
Singing the lunatic's song 
Wondering again what went wrong.


  • “Life closed again, boxed with a lid”, “Singing the lunatic’s song”, such beautiful imagery!!!!

  • This is an intriguing poem. It has touched me in a strange way! 😍 But would you mind explaining it a little bit to me? I just want to know if I’ve got it right.

    Amrit Versha

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