The Social Network

By Nicole Ellis

2478 friends on Facebook
4.6k followers on Instagram
2.1k followers on Twitter 

Thousands of likes 
Digital affirmations to an insecure soul
Hundreds of retweets 
In agreement of a pretentious quote
Innumerable hearts sent
Wowing the 'hippy-artistic' Mac picture 

Every social portal overflowing with attention
Yet not a single shred
Not a drizzling drop
Of genuine care

We spend our lives peeping into the digital windows of others souls
Comparing. Mocking. Craving. Envying.
Physically distancing each other with every WhatsApp call.

Until one day 
Staring at a dead blank screen
The deafening silence choking her
She wakes up with a gasp
Sifting through the thick cobwebs blinding her
To see the nothingness
Not a trace of warmth left behind

Finally, the silence steals away her awareness
The emptiness blinding her soul
Pushing and choking
In the end 
A mere corpse remains 
Still chained to the online life support
Just a being
but no more a soul

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