The Social Crime

By Priyanshi Banerjee

My heart is fixed towards his eyes,

A million words about him my heart writes.

But those words never touched m naked lips,

As the words are scared and my heartbeat skips!

Yes! I am an ‘XY’ and I love a man!

And you call it against God’s plan?

I feel warmth when I hold his hand,

But your wrath’s heat urns my lovely land.

You call our sacred bond unnatural,

And fill me with abuses which are perennial!

Your despotic reign makes me a mere prisoner,

You confine me to shackles and become my master.

Many come each day and chain my lover,

They don’t know our bond shall last forever.

If it is a crime then call me a criminal!

And this crime of mine shall remain eternal

Each day we fight a treacherous war,

It is us versus the enemies-galore.

But his talismanic eyes become my shield,

And each day our victory is redeemed.

We pour oil on our wounds every dawn,

And each day a ray of hope is born.

They shall mock but we shall march,

I promise I won’t let my love parch!

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  • This is really good =)


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