The Silence Is Slowly Killing Me

By Mihir Wadhawan

Fortnight It was and I still crept in my bed
Not much to grieve now after all the tears were shed
I was not Solitary 
As the dark silence surrounded me
For just a knock on the Door,
I was hoping or 'tis despair
For it may be my cure,
Or the some criticism for sure
The world used to be my home
Which is now a 20-by-20 feet room
in which my shadow's alone
For I am nobody, near his doom
The disgrace, upon my face, 
I see in the mirror
Not a ghost to mourn upon 
The Thriller
'Tis most difficult to describe this world
Without being disrespectful
Helpless and no one merciful
I am dying a death of a corpse,
Breathing my last!
The Ailment isn't the reason
For I never lived fast.
A ray of hope is what I need
To show it, it'd be a Godly deed
Responsible was I, and I have known
I lived my own, I'll die my own


  • Thanks a lot

  • Refined indeed :)

  • Refined??

  • In awe of this! Beautifully mesmerising ?


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