The significant darkness

Abhilasha Abute

Sinking into the hollow depth of dreams that follow the shadows of death.
When light tears through creepy lanes of stone walled abandoned alleys.

Reflect the pain in the way light cracks the rain, show strength in midst of anger, sorrow, disparity and vulnerability.
In a world where every emotion is on sale hold onto the silence within.

Hit hard with the hammer that breaks you. Nail into the coffin that takes you.
What matters is what is done before the last sec of life left in you.
What message is delivered. Which song is played.

Be the sun in the dark world,
You may or may not exist.
The light within will always shine,
You may seek till the end of everything.
You leave trails of love or pain that is what universe questions.

Be the moon to the stars for he will ask them to shine milder.
The way you shape shift into another, darker than darkness.

Ask your grits of the pull towards it that is seeping into your blood.
Ever wonder why the world is so negative now? Are the deeds heavier than consequences themselves.
What commences death and destruction.
What allows nature to grind the barrier of time and tide.

Surely those who are optimistic wont allow to think about darkness but who is to say what answers lie beneath the layer of lies and deceit.

When there was goodness and God among us how different was the world then. Infused with false “God men” and self proclaimed righteous men and women.
The truth now seeks darkness first manipulated by the magnet of power and money.

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