The Shift

By Kharis Nongbri

A Happy child, although very shy, but without remorse
A dreamer yet to be awaken and reckon the force.
She was positive about almost eveything,
Until one day her world stops breathing.
It was the people that she knew
Inspite of the many she had to meet a few,
Whom she had to face and where her life was torn apart,
And where she knew not how to restart.

Why on earth did that happen to this innocent girl?!
Where everything around her seems to swirl!
It was long after many many years of indescribable pain and agony
The silence, the trauma, oh! The life without a remedy
But then she took a step and thought enough is enough,
it wasn't her fault and wants to overcome the life that is tough.

Slowly and slowly she took courage
To come to an understanding that everything about life is not savage
She picked herself up, it was not easy
But she said to herself, it's okay I just want to be me

She paused and looked around her everywhere.
God, her family, her friends were always there
They stood by her, they're standing with her and they'll stand by her
Thats when she realised the dreams that she had as a child didnt die yet
It was just the pain that hid her potential and made her forget.

She's stretching her hand saying "stand by me"?
Without a cost and paying a fee!
In helping to make a change to the many who are lost
Because of the lies that have made them worst.
Let's make this a better place in focusing to encourage people without judging
So they can start to live again believing.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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  • We met do we😀?love each of your lines, finely touched. Keep writing more(boini)😉


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