"The Self- Destruct Button"

Dipti .S

When it comes to pushing the self-destruct button normally people find it easier than to undergo. But what they don't think about, at that very moment of performing that act is that 'Constructing is a herculean task, but to destruct is a child's play. Pushing the self-destruct button can be in any form. But whatever way is chosen by the one who is going to perform it leads to only one thing and that is to 'self-destruct.'
We cannot blame the person who decides to do so because he or she may feel that it is a way of release. A release from struggles, pain, and distress. All that would come into their mind and that very moment is to free oneself from the depression in which they are drowning. Perhaps, according to them, it may be the only way to free themselves totally of everything that is having a strong grip on them. As a reader, if you have undergone depression and have had self-destructive thoughts you would be the person who agrees with me on this. At, that very particular moment the person would not even think straight for a moment because they would feel that, 'What they are taking is the right decision.' 'They would feel that it is the only right thing to do.'
Trust me I have experienced and have been through that. I have experienced how it all feels. As a result of this, I'm able to empathize with that person. But, at the same time, I've thought about how the amazing talents or the qualities that the person who self- destructs or in the least attempts to, possesses goes to waste. Especially this past week, as an actor, hanged himself as he was undergoing chronic depression. And also, a girl who commits suicide because she was not able to complete her online classes because of the lack of access to the internet and smartphone.
When it comes to the case of the actor, the struggles he faced as a talented actor and dancer with the cut-throat competition, nepotistic behavior, and being cornered, his personal and private struggles have contributed to a lot of his stress and depression shows us what he was undergoing. And even the 15-year-old poor girl's incident gives us a picture of the struggle that she was undergoing.
Everyone has different kinds of problems, and many people undergo depression, we may say. But we understand that it is hard only when we undergo the struggles ourselves. Oh! please don't get it wrong thinking that committing suicide is the best option. No killing yourself is never the way out. The person might think it is the only solution to all the problems, but no that is not it.
The self- destructive thoughts can be overcome by surrounding oneself with positivity and things that make you happy. It can even be shared with people whom he or she trusts, if not it can also be written down especially in a personal journal. People may even harm themselves by cutting themselves with a knife, or with their untimely or poor eating habits. But it can be overcome by positive thinking and controlling your emotions.
Self-destruction at times starts with our thoughts and the words that we use, especially while speaking about oneself. I know it is hard, but that does not mean it can’t be done.

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