The Rooftop


Below the stars in the open air
A bed we share
Mine was the rooftop
And I was hers
She on my top
And our lips locked
Living a dream 
The pain of pleasure
The moan and the love scream
The bodies undressed
The lips caressed
The soul rejoice
Her hair messed
My moans on top of my voice
The touch,the mood ,the feel,her smell
The blanket not required
We were tangled well
The sweatbeads running fast
Like the night would forever last
A kiss so tender so luscious
The moments together being most precious
And harder and harder and harder it gets
More and more and more it wets
The closer , the better 
Lips went down 
And we got wetter
Licking your body I realise 
Each time that heartbeat rise 
Not just the touches 
Not just getting inside
Not just the moan
All together the love resides 


  • “All together the love resides” : what a scenic ending.

  • “My moans on top of my voice
    The touch, the mood, the feel, her smell” are my favourite lines. You have a very simple yet telling style of poetry.

    Raj Balasubraniam

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