The Profile


It’s late. Very late. 

The sun will rise soon,

but I’m still awake

staring at her profile.


She was my friend,

a confidant, an advisor,

on everything

infinitely wiser 

than me.


When I was lost in the dark,

she was the light that guided me.


When I wanted to wage war

she counseled peace.


When I was depressed,

she held me tight 

from across the world 

and told me everything 

would be okay. 


When I was drowning in my hatred

she was the hand that pulled me out.


I told her everything

things which I swore to myself

that I would never tell anyone.


And then, she betrayed me.

Or maybe I betrayed her, somehow.

Now we’re strangers.


But hopefully, she’s up late every night

staring at my profile. 

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