The perfect stranger


I know naught who you are
Nor where you come from. 
I met you incidentally 
I'll remember you from afar.
I see these people often
Catching a glimpse or an eye
Across the road,
Or in the metro. 
We traced in a minute
Our story as we go about
reading your face
Enjoying the beat. 
The bright lights were enticing
The music was deafening,
But maybe that's because in the dark
You can't see shiny cars. 
The picture is clear now
I'm fact,  you're fiction
Your appearance drew me in
But words got lost in translation. 
Not being sure to know
If we'll ever be part of each other, 
I confess with the bluntest honesty
I know now where to go. 
You gave me an inexplicable hope
Maybe the hope will mend my life
Maybe the uncertainty will tear me apart
Maybe your words will help me cope. 


  • Amazing Megha.. ??

  • #Oh_lovely.
    #Such an awesome one?
    #Loved it.?.
    #Keep it up.

  • It’s beautiful Runi .Loved It!! Looking forward for more ❤

  • Wowww!!❤ Its amazing..keep going..waiting for more poems❤

  • Absolutely loved it, Runi! ❤
    Need more and more of such beautiful poems from you.


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