The Peace I Know!

Away in the east a reddish rufous sun unfolds and a brand new day awakes!
The humans rush, vehicles jam, fences grow and the countries burn,
Animals die, the river is dry but yes the human are comfy,
Fight to food, brawl to earn, betray to survive
Oh dear peace, we no longer belong you!
Peace I know is no an absence of violence,
Peace i know is instead the tranquility in souls, every living souls!
The serinity that a roaring shore own,
The solace that a noisy jungle hold!
The calmness that the chattering birds seed
Peace I know is the comfort in mom's lap,
The soothe in her single pat!
Peace I know is the happiness in my people's smile,
The artless, implastic, naive smile!
Peace i know is no an absence of noice,
Peace i know is filled in the loud happy, laughy noises!
Peace i know is no a signed bonded treaty,
But the boundless, boundaryless love!
Peace i know is now nowhere to be found,
Peace i know has lost it's way,
Yes! Dear peace, we no longer belong you.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Peace'

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  • Very well brought up! ❣️

    Asawari Bhatia

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