The pandemic time of corona

It was 17th December 2019
When the first corona case was reported in china
And after that it has became dreadful and spreads across the globe like lactobacillus spreads in milk
Many memes and myths are created
Like always chicken is blamed
Quarantine has become the trending word of 2020
Corona is now talk of the town rather than corona beer
Corona death cases are rising every day
Feels like living in a gloomy world
Deaths are unstoppable, everyday a new figure is there in newspapers headlines
Working places are shutdown and working from home is new showdown
Masks have become the fashion gown
And sanitizers for prevention 
The roads ,the playgrounds, the streets are surrounded by silence because everyone is lockdown
Go unsocial is the new Instagram tag
Railways and flights are halted
The whole planet is now silent
A gawky silence all around
But not the doctors ,nurses and hospitals 
Everyday, every second they are risking their lives to death
Holidays are declared but not for them
Their work will always be praised
Sometimes utmost silence doom the world
But this silence  sometimes feels like the world is retired for somedays
Greenery is at their peak and pollution is nil
No aeroplanes sound can be heard but birds chirping ,dogs barking and sometimes police Vans
Everyone is at their safe space now with their loved ones
Corona is pandemic now but soon it will vanish 
And everything will come back to track again
Everything will be resume,reappear and the world will be world again.

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  • Bundli my granddaughter doing a great job for largest interest of the mankind Really we proud of you


    Indumati Behera

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