The Other Side

Ranjana Chakraborty

In the world of narrow mindedness
Why I am consider as a taboo?
Everyone is having the other side
I benevolently love being this way

They say silence is Peace,
I believe it is true,
Because in that peaceful silence,
my thoughts occur for you.

I Remember the first time i saw her,
It started all with rhythmic smile.
I wish i can walk with her,
Through all the miles.

She is like butterflies,
that flicker in my stomach,
I wish i can hold her,
before my day is done.

Her beauty is like a glittering rose,
With chubby cheeks and dimple smile.
I know she is in relationship,
But still she makes me happy for a while.

She is the one,
my eyes tempting to see.
She light up the skies above,
She is the one, I love.

She is the thunder of my life,
Which hits my sensational strikes,
Wanna cuddle her whole night,
Just hoping for a ray of light.

Drizzling love in every direction,
She is my all time sensation,
Doesn't matter What's her sexual ride,
She doesn't have to be feared, coz I got her side.

Love and affection needs no worldwide,
Like if you wanted to be when you lied,
You chose, you love, you be,
It doesn't matter who you choose to be.

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