The one thing I regret

Ramya.T Rangan

The one thing I regret
Nowadays technology is more improved and everyday it is growing like a jet speed but still it has another face that is so scaring us. What that is? Torturing children especially are girls. I agree that android; I-phones are very useful for us to get knowledge and what is happening everyday in any place whatever it is. It is like a small thing to show the world in our hand. But it has also the harmful one that is some are using the source in a wrong manner. Girls are more affected to push into unwanted things. Some girls are still affected this unwanted sites of phone. It is the main thing that I regret nowadays also. I don’t tell that everyone is wrong. But there are some of us to reason for girls dominate in our country. In some place girls don’t have freedom to go out and if they want to study they can’t do it. Because their parents. They have fear if something happening with their daughter. For example, I live in a place there is a town near it. There is a huge issue happened. What that is, there is a team of boys, who abusing over 250 girls approximately via social media. What did them doing? That is some girls are chat with them. Every day it is going more and more increased and they also took unwanted pictures of her. They warning them, if you are not listen to me what I say, I will upload on the face book. Girls don’t know what will we do? They are accepted it and they are said to them, we will listen anything you said. But their parents didn’t know all this. One day there is a one girl who bravely said to her parents for all this. Then it was going to the under police case. The authorities are collected the information to her. Then she said what happened to her. Then slowly many of girls are giving case that we also abused by them. Then all are shocking. They confused how many involved in this case? Then they are under arrest. This is the main thing I regret why girls are still abused by boys. Not only adults it also include children who 10 or 12 year old girl also. This is one of the things that our country back down and we all have to regret for this.
Boys have to protect the girls. Only after that our country will improve. Like A.P.J.Abdulkalam said, in 2020, our country is going to be first compare to all the country. Boys must be the backbone of girls then only Abdulkalam words are possible.


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