The Oblivion

vishnushiri shyam

Vision bleaching rays parted the sky doors away.
Anchored by knees was I, in a grotesque den;
Gazing 360 degrees, the land was still alien.
Lub outstripped dub as the rods and cones composed the pixels;
Collage of daunting armed giants became my retina.
The conclusion was conspicuous with an unanswered “why us?”

Trailing across his torso fingers clasped the toned strong arm,
Not for strength but to say “I LOVED YOU ONCE”.
Below the horizon were my eyes
not in cowardliness but unruffled by anticipation.
The conclusion was conspicuous with his reply for me muffled.

Cupping my face, with his masculine hands
He pushed me into bewilderment.
Pupils in the red sea still at the horizon,
Measured the approaching 5-o-clock shadow.
On my forehead his lips marked the reply;
Fullstop grew a tail, LOVE is on, but,
The conclusion was conspicuous with us in us.

Slipping from his clutch, plunged to his bosom,
Ears heard my new abode in him.
swaddled in his arms, obliterating the eerie,
Eyes that feared death in a blink, got rest.
Paradoxical happiness in final mortal seconds when
The conclusion was conspicuous with us untouched.

Sudden eyes straining beam of light rubbed off the vision.
Ears heard the chirping but not the throbbing.
Clasped fabric of his became quantum stealth.
Intangible became my love, with his words
“ Lets live together at the other end of the crisis”
No conclusion but just a confusion “Who was he?”

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