The Night The Wine The Girl

Bishaldeep Kakati

An infatuation,
May be the lust.
Or a solicitude
For her,
That inhabit my heart.

That night-time
And the bonfire.
When the frigid souls
Got hugged,
Within the glass
Of red wine
That the perception hired.

The sparkling silhouette
Of her,
Gamboled and frolicked.
Festooning my soul,
With the enchanting smile
She bore.
Twinkling from far,
Was her nose stud.
That acted like a spur,
And made me dream,
Of dancing with her,
In a romantic bar.

The night too cold.
As the fire's heat
Apprehended my desire,
That was way too bold.
And among the bevy,
I was the one,
Whose emotions
Were way to heavy.

As the night
Veiled the pole,
I penned down for her,
My confessions
In the conferatti.
Yet couldn't
Hand her the same,
Amidst the bevy.

And every night
As i meet her,
That conferatti
Which depicts:
My yearning for the girl
Remains insensate,
In my jacket's pocket
Like a lifeless pearl.


  • Perfect words to present the romantic feel of such a situation…… ??

    Pikku Kr Jha
  • Your poem depicts the beauty of confessing love. It is the story of most of the introverts who always finds a way not to confess…
    Enjoyed reading it…. :)

    Jay Debnath

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