The New World

I thought we're living in
a brave beautiful new world.
That it's the era of ripped jeans,
and not of stripped morality.
Cold shoulders were trending, right?
And cold judgy people outdated.
Then why gave me the title "loser?
For shamelessly showing I'm alive,
For wearing my heart out on sleeves,
and declaring it to the cruel world,
Never did I ever was told in school,
that we shouldn't speak our feelings out,
and should act like we don't care,
Cause apparently it's not cool to care.
"What will people say?"
Why was this the first thing to ask?
Each time I dared living a dream,
Each time I dreamt of a dream,
Why burned 'em with the acid of doubt?
Cause people mattered, not dreams?
Trolls, name calling and blah blah blah
Seems are being quite popular now,
Cause maybe with ripped out jean pieces
We've left patches of humanity behind,
And people will continue speaking,
Till "what people will say" remains 
the first thing to be asked ever.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'What will people say / Log kya kahenge'


  • Wow. Beautiful imagery…. Keep it up..

    Parvathy Vivek
  • Wow. Beautiful imagery! Good work….

    Parvathy Vivek
  • Dreams do come true, slowly&eventually.
    Love your work✌


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