2030, the year the scientists believed to be a boon for the mankind but it didn’t turn out the way it was thought to be. Rather than advancement in technology for the betterment of humankind, it became a source of man’s destruction. As playing with nature comes with a prize, natural disasters became very common. Flood, heavy rains, extreme temperatures led to many deaths. It was rightly said by Ed Begley Jr. that “I don’t understand when we destroy something created by man, we call it vandalism but when we destroy something created by nature, we call it progress”. This progress cost many lives. With earth on its verge of destruction, space scientists across the globe were trying to find an alternative planet where the human civilization could establish themselves again. After much of search they found out that Mars could be the one as they suspected presence of water and other gases required for the human survival.
Hence a team was put up consisting of Kevin (USA), Sabrina (India), Charles (UK) and Abdul (Dubai), after a lot of screening and interview rounds. They were also provided with a crew consisting of cyborgs and human life robots. The spaceship built for them was the biggest and the most advanced of all time which was in progress for the last 2 years. The four passengers along with crew were supposed to take off on 20 April 2030, an historic day for our endangered Earth.
Finally, the day arrived, the step which could bring a new life to mankind. All the passengers along with crew boarded the HEBORG-2030. The spaceship took off along with the hope that humans would survive. Everything seemed to go well, all the passengers were kind of nervous but had the will to do something for the mankind. Kevin thought of himself as the torchbearer and tried to boast off his qualities which really annoyed Charles and Abdul. Sabrina seemed sad as her fiancé got killed in tsunami that hit Mumbai few months back. He was the only support in her life. Hence, she decided that she would anything she could to save human life from such disasters.
It was 45 days in the ship and everything seemed fine. Then suddenly something unusual happened. There was a fire storm which killed the lights and knocked the ship deep into space. Somehow the instruments were still alive, but there was no crew to read them. Far below a red crescent shone, the edge burning planet silhouetted by the curve of a wing. It would be a lonely trip for Sabrina as she was the only one left. She gazed through the porthole at the wavering stars and thought how her life was ruined. Her fellow passengers disappeared and the crew was all destroyed. She then went into the control room to find out the reason.
There seemed an intrusion into the ship. She looked all around but found nothing. Finally, in the basement somewhere she saw something different yet a beautiful creature on ship. Yes, it was an extra-terrestrial being which was a little bit taller than her. It had beautiful eyes and crown like thing on its head. It was trying to say something but obviously Sabrina was not able to understand anything so she pulled a gadget which was provided to each passenger called “Language Converter” to convert any alien language into one understandable by humans and vice versa. She tried it out and found that the “THING” wanted her to follow it. It got her to a completely dark room into the ship which she had no clue about. There she saw her fellow passengers trapped in a cloud like shield, unconscious. The extra-terrestrial being told the Sabrina to take the ship to a planet called K2 from where it belonged. The location and everything about the planet were fed into master computer, hence the ship was destined to K2, instead of Mars as planned. According to the speed of the ship which was a lot faster than the speed of light would reach the destination planet in another 5 days. Sabrina was very scared but somehow decided to utilize the time to know the “BEING”. It also seemed scared. They started communicating with the help of the language converter. Sabrina got to know that it was actually a male identified by the crown he was wearing. On their planet males wore crown and the females did not. But the females were the ones who actually ruled the planet. How ironic!! Sabrina thought. His name was K21.
Sabrina also explained her story with the help of the converter. She explained all about the difficulties her planet was facing and how she and her fellow passengers were on a mission to find life on Mars which according to scientists on earth was appropriate for human survival. K21 revealed that he was sorry for being a hurdle in her conquest but he was sent by the Queen who along with her team sensed the change in the waves caused by their ship. Hence sent him there and ordered to bring the ship to their planet. They both tried to understand each other’s lifestyle and Sabrina had never bonded with anyone so much after the death of her fiancé. Maybe she was waiting for something completely extraordinary. Those 5 days on ship with him seemed as if she had known him all her life.
Finally, they reached the planet K2. Sabrina and the passengers were put in their astronaut suits. There were many “BEINGS” there and looked pretty angry seeing them. The planet was lustrous green with many trees and clean water. It looked somewhat like earth but more beautiful. She dropped her astronaut’s suit just for a few seconds to check whether she was able to breathe or not. When she did that, she realized that she was able to breathe just like that on earth. The environment there though seemed more powerful and nourishing as the ‘’BEINGS” were stronger and taller than humans. Sabrina got to know that people living there were called as ‘KMERS’. She then took out one more gadget from her bag called as ‘POLANUM’ which was provided to them for giving information about any planet. The planet was about 500 billion years old. Their each year consisting of 525 days. The average lifespan there being 325 years as compared to 60 years on Earth. The planet was beautiful yet ordinary with people having the lifestyle that of an Early Man. As it is rightly said that ‘Going back to a simpler life is not a step backwards’. This was very well true in the case of our Earth. This constant thirst for modern and easy lifestyle had really put the whole Earth into danger. Hence limiting our greed and thinking about the nature could be the only way out from the sword hanging above our head. Sabrina came back into life from her deep thinking after a small bird like creature touched her cheek. They took the passengers and Sabrina into a prison like room. Sabrina searched for K21 everywhere but could not find him. The other passengers were now awake and shocked to as where they were. Sabrina explained them everything.
The next day the Queen came to their room. She was a breathtaking creature. She was all white with slender body and had the aura of a Queen. The Queen revealed that she got to know about earth and its condition from K21, who was standing right behind her. She disclosed that the integrity of their planet relied on some special GEMSTONES which preserved their environment. They were precious stones which were buried in the ground. She agreed to give some of them to Sabrina to protect the environment of earth. Sabrina and other passengers were very happy and thankful to the Queen. The next day they were given the stones and the ship was also repaired. Sabrina looked for K21 to bid him good bye, but could not find him. She was extremely sad. They went inside the ship. As soon as she entered, K21 was there already sitting on the seat. He told Sabrina that they had an undeniable bond which could not be neglected.
They both agreed that their bond was beyond species. But Sabrina was skeptical about the fact that how K21 would survive on the earth. She worried how he would protect himself from humans for whom he would become a test subject. K21 then revealed one of their special powers of shape shifting. One of the passengers Abdul revealed that he was a cancer patient at the last stage with only some time in his hand and that too very painful. He told K21 to kill him and take his identity. He wanted him to live happily with Sabrina on earth. Sabrina hesitated but on Abdul’s constant request, she agreed.
Abdul was given a nice and peaceful death. K21 then took his identity and the ship reached earth after some months. Sabrina and the passengers were awarded with Nobel Peace Prize. The stones which were given to them by the Queen of the K2 planet, helped in replenishing earth’s environment. Sabrina and k21 adopted a boy from India and lived happily ever after on earth. All three having their new beginnings- Sabrina, K21(now Abdul) and the EARTH……

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