The miserably happy times

By Divya Power

Do you know what's better than 2 scoops of ice-cream?

Your internals and exams getting postponed,
Though it'll come back someday soon,
It's the short-term happiness, the virus unknowingly loaned.
Being memed about in Jan, to becoming worldwide in Feb,
No one's ever had it as easy to be so famous,
Though it's supposed to be scary,
Advantages are also what it does carry.
Quarantine has brought us time we never knew we wanted,
Eating and playing Uno with family, facetiming friends,
Having enough sleep for once,
And even extra times for amends.
Contemplating life , dreaming into the unknown,
The silence of humans is eerie,
In this free time and unplanned vacation,
All I've been doing is form theory upon theory.
The humans are quiet,
Nature is celebrating,
We realised the problem is us,
And it's quite humiliating.
But perhaps, we'll learn a lesson,
From this isolation and self reflection,
That on this natural planet,
We are the real infection.

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  • Beautifully expressed Divya!! Way to go girl 😍😍

    Neelima Chakraborty

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