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The Midnight Dreams

Rickita Agnelo Dsouza Rickita

The counting of the sheep
Led me to my midnight sleep
There was a time when I would sleep to dream
And now I dream to sleep.

The answer behind my dream to sleep,
Is only to figure out why my dreams are so deep?

I slept the other night
And found myself caught up in a mysterious fight
I woke up before the dream could end
But I figured out the fight was with a long-lost friend.

I got back to reality
And forgot about my dream’s vitality.

The eagerness of midnight dreams seemed to fade away
As daily routine became a perfect getaway.
Engaging in the mundane activity,
Was only an escape towards real connectivity.

Many nights passed silently
And I only dreamed about things that happened recently.
But one night there came a time,
When the lost one’s voice began to chime.

She clearly wanted to tell me something
Her eyes wanted me to listen
I was enjoying on the park’s swing
And she stood there like a prisoner in a prison.

This time I woke up when my dream ended
And I felt something disconnected
Got back to reality
And realized friendship was not a formality.

A year ago,
a friend walked away.
I decided to pick up the phone and leave her a text
the message said Hi, long time when shall we meet next?

Waited for the message to deliver
And hence kept my phone unlocked
Later I realized that my contact had been blocked.

Visited her house the very next day,
For my dreams mission to be accomplished.
Thought to myself there had been a delay,
Because my dear friend had vanished.

Asked for her where about
But they had nothing to give,
Because she had sneaked out
Leaving a note behind saying live and let live.

I wanted to find her
But there was no way
Wanted to follow her footprints
And ask her to stay.

There was only one place I knew that she would not run away from
It was my dream because that’s the only place where she was found.

I wish to turn back time
And make formality a crime

Live and let live were the words you last said
I regret not being there,
To give you a shoulder to rest your head.

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